ATİK Business Club Card and Advantages Granted ; 1. ATİK Business Club Card will be coordinated with the overseas ; including the country of residency, and will be supported and assisted in all areas within their respective periods. 2. All entrepreneurs who are members of ATİK Business Club, which are in domestic and abroad, will be given support to make international commercial connections. 3. Our Business Club Card members will be given the support to make commercial connections in their own country and abroad. 4. Business Club Card members will be assisted to cooperate among each other. 5. The rights granted to the companies which become Member to ATİK Trade and Cooperation Council and get ownership for Business Club Card. Through ATİK Franchise system Networks in 53 countries of the world and 148 ATİK Presidencies in their own right to be promoted to support the presentation of companies. 6. ATİK Business Club Card members living in their countries and abroad will be contributed to the coordination of cultural, social and educational areas. 7. Only ATİK Business Club members can benefit from the facilities mentioned above and many more..
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  • Founding President TEB-PLAST Entrepreneur Abdullah TEBER became President of the Sectors of International Organized Industrial Enterprises ATiK.

  • By the decision of the Supreme Council of ATiK and General President of ATiK Aziz ŞAHİN , Hüseyin ALTINBAŞ became the President of the International Organization of Industrial Enterprises ATiK Turkey

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